Balancing your Canberra excursion with curriculum and non-curriculum activities is key for a successful trip. It’s important for young students to have a chance to relax and enjoy being children with their peers. Creating great memories and bonding friendship is an important, personal developmental part of the tour! Evenings are a good time to include these activities to conclude the days learning. Night time activities may also include visits to some of the top educational attractions who offer specially run evening activity programs.

Other Activities (non-curriculum based)

To encouraging students’ learning and concentration during the day, it is an important that they have a chance to also have fun and be children. Organising non-curriculum activities is an important part of any Canberra excursion. Between laughs, bonding with friends (or getting better acquainted with lesser known peers in their grade), and burning some energy… these activities have an important role in balancing a perfect tour.

Cockington Green

Cockington Green Gardens

Cockington Green Gardens in Canberra is a unique experience for all. The beautifully kept gardens feature handcrafted miniature buildings from around the world, as well as miniature trains tracks and even a 34-room doll house. To add to the wonderful experience of a visit to Cockington Green Gardens, a discovery worksheet for their International Area and other classroom resources are available.

Cycle Around Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin bike ride

One of the best ways to enjoy and experience Lake Burley Griffin is to grab a bike and ride around it!…or at least a portion of it. The popular cycling paths are dotted with numerous parks to stop for a rest, with plenty of friendly ducks (but watch out for the occasional unfriendly swan!).

The Lake Burley Griffin Circuit is divided into 3 manageable rides around the shoreline. From parks and cafes to iconic national attractions such as the National Library of Australia and the National Gallery of Australia, there are plenty of things to see along your way.

Telstra Tower

Telstra Tower

The Telstra Tower is Canberra’s iconic Telecommunication tower. The tower rises 192.2 meters above the summit of Black Mountain and is not only a landmark but one of the most visited tourist sites in Canberra. The tower offers 360-degree views with an indoor observation deck and two outdoor viewing platforms. Not only is this a great site during the day but at night the tower lights up and continues to welcome guests to take in the sites.

National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

National Film and Sound Archives

The National Film and Sound Archives collect and preserve over 3 million items to share to the future generation in various ways. It shows the history and the living past of Australia that created the country we have today. It preserves the history of items such as films, television, radio programs, video, audio and many more. Their roots date back to the 1930’s and their work continues today to collect, preserve and share through time to keep preserving for the future generations.

Mount Ainslie Lookout

Mount Ainslie Lookout

Providing panoramic views of the Parliamentary Triangle – Mt Ainslie Lookout is a must visit during your time in Canberra. Drive to the top or take one of the hiking trails from the bottom – either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Evening Activity Options

With so much to do in Canberra, there is barely enough daylight to squeeze it all in! Thankfully, many of the top attractions come alive at night so you don’t have to miss out. There’ also activities that are just purely fun! From an ‘incursion’ Trivia Night (let Canberra School Trips organise your questions!), to burning some energy at a trampoline centre, the excitement of Canberra doesn’t stop!

Questacon – Image courtesy VisitCanberra

Questacon by Night

Experience Questacon’s after-hours Q by Night programme. Gain exclusive evening access to over 200 hands-on exhibits in themed interactive galleries. Explore the fascinating role science has in cutting edge applications as well as everyday life guided by Questacon’s dedicated science communication and customer service team.

Trivia Night

Trivia Night

On school trips some of the greatest nights are Trivia Nights. These nights are filled with fun competition for the students to show what they have learnt throughout their tour as well as some fun facts along the way. It brings the students together and allows them to discuss their experience of Canberra and prepare them to take it back to the classroom.

Aquatic Centre

Swim and Waterslide at Aquatic Centre

As an extra fun activity on your school tour you could add the swimming and water slide at the Aquatic Centre. It is a great way to use some energy and allow the kids to have fun outside the Canberra learning of Australia’s history and politics.

Mini Golf

Putt Putt Golf

Putt Putt Golf is fun for all ages! Create a fun evening for your students, with a bucket load of laughs and a sprinkle of healthy competition. There are possibilities to these both indoors and outdoors – so no matter the weather, it is a great activity for your group.

Twilight - Australian National Botanical Gardens

Twilight Forest Adventure (National Botanic Gardens)

The Twilight Forest Adventure is a great way for students to see the National Botanic Gardens – from the Rainforest Gully to the Red Centre Garden. On your guided tour you may be lucky enough to see noctournal wildlife such as sugar-gliders, boobook owls, ring tail and brush tail possums, bats and kangaroos. Experience the sounds, smells and textures of the Gardens in the dark!

Dinosaurs at Night

Dinosaurs at Night (National Dinosaur Museum)

The National Dinosaur Museum offers an interactive insight into our earth’s history. Visitors get the opportunity to dive back into time by looking at life-like dinosaur models, skeletons, skulls and robotic dinosaurs. It allows people to discover what the creatures were like in their time throughout our history. Tours are available both day and night, although at night the experience is offered once the museum is closed to the public with a more exclusive tour.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing

Indoor rock climbing is a great extra activity for your group. They offer a safe and supervised experience to be able to introduce the sport or to watch the experienced climb to the top. Indoor rock climbing is great for groups as it allows the students to have fun, challenge each other (and themselves) and support each other. Will you climb to the top on your next Canberra School Trip?

Laser Tag

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is always a great way for students to have some fun. Allow them to step into the arena and battle alongside their fellow army. Which team will come out on top and claim the bragging rights to the battlefield?

Movies at the Cinema

Movie Night at the Cinema

Movie nights are always a great way to have some ‘time out’ after a very busy week in Canberra. There are many things to do but to kick back, relax and enjoy a movie is always a great idea with the students.

Telstra Tower Sunset

Telstra Tower – Night Lights Tour

The Telstra Tower is the most visited tourist destination in Canberra. Not only does it offer great views in the day but lights up to a spectacular sight at night. With two viewing platforms outside and an indoor observation deck it offers 360-degree views and will show Canberra lit up at night. What a great way to finish the day up in the sky. Don’t forget to take a jacket with you – it can be very windy up the top of the tower!

Ten Pin Bowling

Tenpin Bowling

Whether it’s to have some ‘time out’ or to have some healthy competition, ten pin bowling is always a great idea for groups to have a bit of extra fun on their Canberra school trip. Your group will have so much fun they won’t even realise they’re doing something that’s good for them. Guaranteed to make the whole group happy!

Trampoline Park

Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks are a great way to burn some energy and jump for joy. Students absolutely love the fun and excitement they can have with their friends, whilst showing of their skills and tricks. This is a great night-time activity for your students on their next Canberra School trip.

Curriculum Based Attractions & Activities

Canberra offers a vast array of educational experiences that are linked and support the Australian curriculum. Interactive and experiential activities, promote deep learning connections for young students. Topics covered at these attractions include Australian civics and citizenship, history, arts, science, technology, engineering and environment.

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