Helpful information for parents

This area is designed to help you as a parent in the preparation for your child’s trip to Canberra. As a parent/caregiver, this may be the first time your child has travelled without you, or even spent the night away from you. So this resource aims at helping the trip run as smoothly as possible for everyone.

Your school will provide you with specific information, so our resources are ideas, support and suggestions to help prepare. Please use your school’s correspondence for your primary source of information. We have compiled a useful packing list, pre-departure tips and frequently asked questions.

All schools operate with different requirements so we do urge you to communicate with your school directly on specific concerns.

The opportunity your school is giving to your child, by taking them away on the school Canberra excursion is invaluable. The amount your child will grow, from an educational and personal growth and independence perspective is immeasurable. Kids who are well prepared will feel more confident setting off on a trip as momentous as this!

Please contact us if you have questions Canberra School Trips can assist you with.

Packing List

Parent Tips

Parent FAQs